Crystal Jade @ Great World City –
2019 SQFT 1500

BluetecMNE completed a full M&E consultancy for the Crystal Jade restaurant located in Great World City.

The project covered 1,500 square feet and required the installation of fire protection systems, air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation, as well as electrical consultancy.

Crystal Jade @ Vivo City –
2020SQFT 1500

Crystal Jade @ Vivo City is located in one of Singapore’s largest shopping malls. Similar to the Great World City branch, our team of experts provided design and installation of a comprehensive fire protection system, air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation system (ACMV), and electrical consultancy.

With our expertise in M&E consultancy, Crystal Jade @ Vivo City was able to optimize their restaurant’s functionality while maintaining the highest safety and efficiency standards.

One Atico @ ION Orchard –
2019 SQFT 2000

One Atico is a luxurious dining establishment with a sophisticated atmosphere and a diverse menu, located in the prestigious ION Orchard shopping mall in Singapore.

Our team of BlueTecMNE experts provided a full, comprehensive M&E consultancy service that includes a detailed fire protection system, an air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation system (ACMV), and additional electrical consultancy services.

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