Fire Safety Installation

Each construction, renovation, or building project has to adhere to a set of guidelines set by the Singaporean Fire Safety Act in order to get an FSSD submission approval for a fire safety certificate. Here’s where our professional experts from BlueTecMNE come in to ensure your organization is adhering to these guidelines.

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What is Fire Safety Installation?

Singapore’s Fire Safety and Shelter Department ( FSSD) requires industrial building owners and/or related stakeholders to submit the proper application for a fire safety certificate before proceeding with their project. 

This can be done with the right M&E consultant, such as BlueTecMNE Singapore...

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Looking For Fire Safety Installation in Singapore?

When submitting an application, specific SCDF, FSSD, BCA requirements, and more must be followed in order to ensure the premises of the building are safe. BlueTecMNE’s team of experts draws on over 10 years of experience to ensure that our clients and fellow consultants are able to carry out their projects smoothly, with the right fire safety installation provided.

What Fire Safety Installation Services We Offer

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We guarantee that all of the paperwork is on par with what’s expected from the relevant authorities.

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Fire Safety and FSSD Submissions

BlueTecMNE Consulting enforces only the highest standards of fire safety that uphold SCDF, FSSD, and CD Shelter standards in any premises within Singapore. Our team of experts works to ensure that your building projects are safe for both personal and public usage with the right fire safety installation systems. Our proven track record in acquiring FSSD approval has closed off over a hundred successful M&E projects throughout Singapore.
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