We’ve talked about PE Endorsement before, but perhaps some of you may wonder – how exactly is a PE different from a regular engineer? What makes the role different, and how is the term ‘Professional’ awarded onto a seemingly standardised role?

First of all, practising professional engineers are required to complete a four-year college degree to become qualified for a licence. They must then work under a qualified Professional Engineer for at least four years and pass two competency tests. Finally, they are required to earn a licence from the board of the state. In order to retain their licence, professional engineers must then continually maintain and improve their skills as they practice their career.

What Makes Them Different?

Professional Engineers are eligible to prepare, sign and submit engineering plans and drawings for approval. They are the only ones qualified to seal engineering work for any public or private clients.

What truly makes them different though, is that they are liable for many other things. Professional Engineers in Singapore are required to shoulder the responsibility for not only their work, but for the lives affected by that work. A common example would be fire safety management plans, where lives and property are at stake. They are required to hold themselves to high ethical standards of practice, and maintain an image of professionalism to both their clients and peers.

They also have larger roles and responsibilities to fill. Consulting engineers and private practitioners are under legal boundaries to carry out their responsibilities. Non-compliant parties may be penalised if they do not ensure they have the right requirements.

Another example would be government positions. Licensure for engineers in government positions in particular have become increasingly important – in many municipal agencies and certain governmental engineering positions, they only look for licensed professional engineers.

Finally, individuals who teach engineering are required to be licensed under law. For obvious reasons, the proper licensure helps to prepare students for their future in engineering, preventing mishaps from happening frequently in the industry.

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