When doing up your home, it’s natural to be carried away by aesthetics and potential, groundbreaking designs. Interior designers are told to emphasise on the overall look and feel of the place – a lot of thought goes into flooring, furniture, lighting, walls and more. We would know, we do it too!

However, how often do you – or your interior designers – consider the safety of your home? While your home may look aesthetically pleasing, can you confidently say it’s safe from mishaps like fire? Do you have the right fire protection installation for your home? There are certain areas of your home that may require some extra attention to ensure that they’re not a threat to your safety, such as the kitchen!

It’s better to be safe than sorry! Consider these points below to ensure your home is both beautiful and safe, with the right fire protection system in place.

Be Wary of the Kitchen

Almost all Asian homes have a gas connection, either through pipes or compressed liquefied petroleum gas in cylinders. Even if you use electric stoves, they still pose a fire safety hazard!

Being careless with the cooking gas can potentially lead to a gas leak, which will result in an explosion. Therefore during the purchase and installation of stoves and gas cylinders, ensure that they are securely piped and free from defects. Ensure that you always pay attention to the gas switch, and check it carefully after you’ve finished cooking. It’s advisable to check it again before you go to bed every day to ensure that it’s off.

To ensure that there are no leaks or snags in your gas equipment or piping, schedule regular check-ups with qualified professionals from time to time. Always make sure that there are no food crumbs, stains or oil stuck onto the piping that might cause damage. You could go a step further and install a gas safety device that is able to detect threats or identify potential issues more effectively as well.

In case of a gas leak, do not turn any electrical switch on or off. The first thing you should do is open all the windows and doors and evacuate the premises immediately. 

Check Your Wiring

Wiring is a big part of every home! We use electrical objects all the time, even when we’re sleeping or not at home, such as lights, refrigerators or air conditioners. A mistake in the wiring or defective wires could cause a fuse to blow, or a short circuit in the system. This leaks to a risk of an electric fire.

The source of electricity to your home should be always well protected, and not left in visible or accessible places like the living room floor or near the bathroom. Wires should be encased safely and tucked away neatly. 

Some devices require particular attention, such as washing machines, electrical iron boxes, water heaters, refrigerators and other electric-heavy appliances. These devices pose a higher risk, and should always be plugged into an outlet that can bear the heavy flow of electricity. If you pair an electrical outlet with a heavy-usage device, it might cause the fuse to blow. You could also install stabilisers for electrical appliances, so that fluctuations in power do not affect them.

Refer to our blog on managing electrical fires for more information if required!

Fireproofing Your Home

When designing or renovating your dream home, consider materials that can help reduce the spread of fire. It’s important to note that no material is entirely fire-safe, but you could opt for fire-safe plywood or use heat-resistant coating on your paint.

Some handy tools to help fire-proof your home are:

  • Fire Extinguisher 

You don’t need a large, industrial one – even a small one would do! 

  • Fire Alarms and/or Smoke Detectors

Recommended for homes, commercial and industrial buildings to serve a fair warning and prevent disaster from breaking out.

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems

To help prevent damage to both life and property, fire sprinklers are the best immediate aid you can opt for.

  • Indicators

Install them near electric metres or switches in the house to stay informed about electrical defects or issues.

Fireproof Your Home with BluetecMNE Consultancy

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