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BlueTec | How to Fireproof Your Hotel Establishment

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On average, around 4,000 hotel fires occur resulting in unnecessary fatalities and millions of dollars in damages. When it comes to inspecting a property’s fire safety features that could easily be overlooked. From heat detectors installation to a reliable sprinkler system and exit lights, every aspect of a fire safety system should be checked thoroughly […]

BlueTec | How to Ensure Fire Safety In Buildings

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Fires are the leading cause of death and serious injuries in buildings. Which is precisely why prevention is key when attempting to reduce the number of fatalities. Prevention and detection are the main lines of defence before firefighters fearlessly put out the flames.  There are different fire safety methods you should keep in mind before […]

A Guide to Fire Extinguishers & Fire Safety in Singapore

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In 2021 alone, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) reported 1844 cases of fire incidents that led to multiple injuries and fatalities. To reduce this number, you should be thinking about including heat detectors installation, a fire alarm panel, and a fire extinguisher within your home or office.  There are various fire extinguishers to choose […]

Bluetec | Fire Safety Tips

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The risk of a fire breaking out around you is more common than you think! The SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence Force) has been on a journey to equip Singaporeans with first aid skills such as administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and using a fire extinguisher. Always ensure that your building is up to standard with the […]

Why Do You Need Fire Safety Managers?

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If you’ve recently developed a new premise, you should consider hiring a Fire Safety Manager (FSM). Fire Safety Managers are professionals who help you maintain a high level of standards when it comes to fire safety facilities within a building. They will ensure that everything is in place, working effectively, whilst educating tenants on the […]