As with any office, commercial, or retail construction or renovation work, every project requires a number of permits and approvals, such as a renovation permit, FSSD (Fire Safety and Shelter Department) approval, and BCA recommendation to entities such as SCDF Singapore. 

While some may be unaware of it, it is a legal requirement for all commercial buildings, and failure to comply could result in severe penalties from the authorities. Furthermore, failing to submit the building’s fire safety plans to the FSSD for approval could put your building and its occupants at greater risk during a fire emergency. If your plans do not include any type of fire protection or if your renovations are so minor that they do not pose a fire hazard, you are exempt from submitting an application.

Engineer checking Industrial fire control system in line with FSSD requirements

Permits cannot be done by the project or/and building owners themselves, therefore they must employ the help of Qualified Persons (QP) such as Bluetec M&E Consultancy. We can assist you in creating a suitable design and plan for the proposed fire safety works, submitting it to the FSSD, and following up on its approval.

Why do you need FSSD approval?

Having structural fire precautions, exit staircases, and other fire safety provisions in every building is critical for emergency preparedness. When it comes to preventing and controlling fires, proper site planning and fire compartments are crucial. Buildings with fire-fighting systems that alert and evacuate civilians during a fire will also help save lives.

Engineer inspecting Fire extinguisher and fire hose in line with FSSD requirements

In addition, submitting an FSSD is a requirement for the SCDF’s Civil Defense Shelter Program to be successful. FSSD compliance is required to avoid penalties and losses as a result of negligence.

Permits such as a fire safety certificate is required for any business that wishes to operate or occupy a structure. Failure to comply with this requirement is considered negligence and a violation of Singapore fire safety laws. Individuals found guilty of this offense face a fine of up to $10,000, up to six months in prison, or both.

What is the FSSD submission process?

While submitting an FSSD may appear to some as a simple and straightforward process, it entails a lot of work that requires more than just a basic understanding of fire safety. When submitting the application, specific FSSD and BCA requirements must be followed.

Professional examining FSSD requirements in Singapore

The fact that regulations are constantly changing and all buildings are required to make the necessary adjustments without prior notice makes the FSSD submission process even more challenging for most building owners. That’s where we step in to help.

Bluetec M&E Consultancy understands all of the FSSD regulations and requirements for submitting fire safety work plans, due to our expertise and experience in fire safety management. We keep up with changes in FSSD submission regulations and industry standards to ensure that you have access to the most up-to-date information for proper FSSD submission and approval. Visit us here at our FSSD Submission page to learn more.

The Process

  • Our experienced consultants will inform you of all the required forms and documentation, as well as how to obtain them.
  • We’ll walk you through each of the required documents after we’ve gathered them all so you know exactly what to expect. To ensure that your fire safety plans are approved, forms and documents must be developed in accordance with the Fire Safety and Shelter Department regulations. 
  • Our consultants will then go over your renovation plans with a fine tooth comb to ensure that everything is in order. 
  • If required, we can also assist you in developing actionable fire safety plans that will be easily approved by the authorities.

Even if you have all of the plans and relevant documentation ready, it is still a good idea to have our consultants review them to ensure they meet the FSSD submission requirements. Without the assistance of Qualified Persons, certain critical details can be overlooked, resulting in the plans being rejected. We will double-check that all proposed fire safety renovations and accompanying documents comply with current Singapore fire safety codes before submitting the application.

Engage with Bluetec M&E Consultancy

Fire engineering checking pressure gauge level of fire extinguishers tank for FSSD requirements

Bluetec M&E Consultant Singapore offers FSSD submissions and other services to complete your project requirements. BlueTecMNE’s team draws on years of experience as M&E consultants to collaborate with clients, fellow consultants, and builders to deliver high-quality projects in the building and construction industry. Our current clientele includes government agencies and private developers, as well as builders and individual property owners. 

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