If you’re storing or transporting petroleum and flammable material (P&FM), you will be required to obtain a P&FM licence. Such activities are considered dangerous and life-threatening by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). Therefore, you will need to apply and obtain approval for these activities, to ensure a safe workplace for your employees.  

What Are Petroleum & Fire Materials?

When it comes to the storage of P&FM, you should be aware of the materials that fall under each category:


  • This refers to any form of hydrocarbon materials that have a flash point of below 93° C. This includes liquified petroleum gas, crude petroleum, and other naturally formed hydrocarbons. 
Storage for flammable substance obtained through a P&FM licence

Flammable Materials

  • The list of flammable materials is set in the Fire Fourth Schedule of the Fire Safety Regulations. For the full list of materials, browse this link to find out more.

Application Procedure

As stated in our previous blog entries, you will need to hire a Qualified Person (QP) who will assist you with the application process. First, the applicant and QP must obtain fire safety approval from the SCDF to store petroleum and fire materials within their premises. 

After receiving approval, the applicant must then seek a Registered Inspector (RI). An RI is a QP who is registered with the SCDF to conduct inspections on completed fire safety works. Once the RI is satisfied with the work, they will report back to the SCDF and issue a fire safety certificate

To learn more about the requirements to obtain a fire safety certificate, you can read our blog entry that lists out the requirements

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