In 1958, the Singapore Government introduced the country’s URA Master Plan (MP) to ensure that there is a consistent amount of land available, which enables economic and population growth. However, in 2019, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) established new goals to fit Singapore’s outlook for the near future.

The plan focuses on all aspects of Singapore’s physical infrastructure. The URA hopes to make sustained improvements for housing communities, public transport, social services, and sustainability.  

Before you read on, this video by Stacked Homes will help you digest all of the information you need to learn more about the MP: 

The Planning Process

The URA has split the planning process of the MP into two distinct segments: the Concept Plan (CP) and Master Plan (MP). The CP is the broader 40-50 year blueprint for Singapore’s overall development, which ensures there is sufficient land to execute the CP. 

Playground URA master plan submission

On the other hand, the Master Plan is the detailed set of strategies that have a shorter timeline of around 15 years. The MP implements the vision and guides the development process. 

How To Read The Master Plan

You can visit the URA’s website and learn more details about the development plan through the MP map, which highlights the key areas where development is set to commence in the upcoming years. However, the map can be daunting as it is filled with various colours and figures. To keep things simple, use the legend provided to avoid confusion.

Singapore's URA Master plan map

The map provides the necessary information such as plot ratios and specific addresses and helps you decide on a property development you would like to ultimately invest in.

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