The Civil Defence Shelter Programme is part of the government’s Total Defence strategy to strengthen our Civil Defence preparedness. The shelter program’s long-term goal is for every Singaporean to be protected by a purpose-built shelter berth. 

Under the Civil Defence Shelter Act, the SCDF and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) co-regulate Civil Defence (CD) shelters in Singapore. SCDF Singapore reviews shelter waiver applications and conducts Operational Readiness Inspections, while BCA authorises shelter plans and commissions shelters (ORIs).

HS/SS Design, Construction and Commissioning

Qualified Persons (QP) engaged by owners or developers must ensure that the design of household or storey shelters complies with the applicable “Technical Requirements for Household Shelters” or “Technical Requirements for Storey Shelters”.

Before construction can begin, the shelter plans must be submitted to BCA for approval. QP may request pre-submission consultation with BCA to clarify criteria in order to decrease plan approval time. Following the completion of the shelter works, an application for commissioning approval from the BCA is necessary to guarantee that the shelter meets the technical criteria.

Shelter Waiver and Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI)

The Volunteer & Community Partnership Department (VCPD) at SCDF processes shelter waiver applications and conducts ORIs.

QPs must ensure the following when granting shelter waivers:

  • The proposed waiver provisions for household or storey shelters provide the level of protection specified in the “Technical Requirements for Household Shelters” or “Technical Requirements for Storey Shelters,” respectively; and
  • Only plans pertinent to the waiver application are attached to the shelter waiver application form.

QPs may request a pre-submission meeting with VCPD to assist with the processing of shelter waiver applications.

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