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BlueTec | How Civil Defence Shelters Are Being Regulated

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The Civil Defence Shelter Programme is part of the government’s Total Defence strategy to strengthen our Civil Defence preparedness. The shelter program’s long-term goal is for every Singaporean to be protected by a purpose-built shelter berth.  Under the Civil Defence Shelter Act, the SCDF and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) co-regulate Civil Defence (CD) […]

BlueTec | How To Choose The Right Interior Designer

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Whether you’re planning to build a new home or carry out renovations in your existing one, there’s no doubt that it can be pretty costly! Many new homeowners – or even old ones – focus on aspects such as costs, materials, time and resources. However it’s equally important to also consider engaging with the right […]

BlueTec | 3 Ways to Start Project Management

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The root of all project management is good leadership. It’s all about fundamentally building a strong team that is able to work together smoothly. These teams are ultimately responsible for the outcome of each project, and project managers are the ones who have to ensure that their team performs well. Team leaders have to create […]

BlueTec | 4 Ways To Lead a Male-Dominated Industry

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Did you know that women make up almost 50% of the world’s population? Yet, less than 8% of Fortune 500 companies have women-led businesses in CEO positions. In engineering and M&E, only 20% of engineers are women, and yet 40% of them tend to leave their field of expertise. Male-dominated industries like engineering can pose […]

BlueTec | An Introduction to BlueTecMNE Singapore

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Our humble beginnings started in 2018, when a group of like-minded mechanical and electrical engineers banded together in the hopes of making a real difference in the construction industry. The mission? We commit ourselves to only achieving excellence to all our endeavours, and strive to bring quality service to our clients to address their needs. […]

BlueTec | Reframing Engineers: A Step Into the Future

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In the last few decades, the role of an engineer has dramatically evolved. From consultant engineers to construction workers, each individual has a vital part to play in each team and project.  Engineers are no longer just shadowy figures working behind the scenes – they have become one of the core necessities for multiple departments, […]

The Four Phases of Project Management

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Project management isn’t exclusive to business organizations—we actually practice project management every day in our lives! We run daily errands, balance work and play, repair household appliances when they break, arrange meetups with friends, and so much more. All these are also a form of project management. In a business setting, project management can have […]