Before you carry out any proposed fire safety works in any building, there is an extensive list of requirements that are set by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

Under the Fire Safety Act, this application is designed to ensure and maintain a high standard of proposed fire safety works.

Fire hose in a building hallway that was built in after gaining a fire safety certificate in Singapore.

Are You Required To Submit A FSSD Application?

Firstly, you must know whether you are required to submit your application to the Fire Safety and Shelter Department for approval or not; and that decision is based on your building plans.

You are exempt from submitting an application if your plans do not involve any form of fire protection, or if your renovations are so minimal that they are not a fire hazard.

FSSD Submission & Application Requirements

If you’re planning to go ahead with major renovations, such as: major additional alterations, changing the ownership of a specific unit, or the use of the unit, then you must submit your application to the FSSD.

There is a specific checklist that you must complete, and can be viewed here: Fire Safety Plans Checklist – SCDF

Prior to going through the application process, you must seek a Qualified Person (QP) to assist. Based on the requirements set by the FSSD, only QPs are allowed to submit the application for plan approval.

Before submitting anything, you must thoroughly review every plan, design, and document with your QP.

This will assist you in solidifying your application and ensuring that it is approved by the appropriate authorities. If the QP is satisfied with the quality of the plans, they will sign and submit the application for you.

If you are interested in gaining approval, head to our FSSD submission page to learn more.

Fire Safety in Singapore:

Check out this video by the SCDF to learn more about fire safety procedures in Singapore:

Seamless & Professional Consultancy

A group of engineers checking their plans for FSSD submission.

At BlueTec, our team of professional engineers are ready to assist you to gain a fire safety certificate in Singapore swiftly. With our professional FSSD consultation, we ensure that everything falls into place perfectly, allowing an easy journey from start to finish.

The team is well-equipped with the knowledge necessary to make sure all of the paperwork, plans, and renovations are on par with what’s expected.

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