A seemingly simple process, many buildings tend to overlook some of the crucial requirements before submitting their application for a Fire Safety Certificate in Singapore. To obtain a Fire Safety Certificate, or FSC for short, you must first comply with the requirements set by the Singaporean government.

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An engineer checking if the fire hose follows fire safety certificate requirements.

Why Is Fire Safety Certificate Necessary?

Firstly, let’s discuss why it is important to apply for a FSC for your newly developed building plans. Under the Fire Safety Act, the Singaporean government states that all premises that decide to change the layout of their fire safety plans must be granted approval, before going ahead with their new plans.

So, if you chose to change the location of your building’s fire escapes, for example, you should think about applying for an FSC to avoid failure to comply with government regulations.

FSC Application Steps

If you are one of those that fall under these regulations, you must follow these simple steps to ensure a successful FSC application:  

1. Book an appointment with a QP:

A Qualified Person (QP) is a professional that will help you every step of the way during your application to obtain the FSC.

Their expertise can guide you through all of the specific requirements for your building, so it can fully comply with the government’s regulations.

2. Check your plans:

With your QP, you must thoroughly go through every plan, design and document before any form of submission is made.

This will help you solidify your application to ensure a guaranteed approval by the relevant authorities. 

3. Notice of approval:

After checking every detail of the initial set of documents, your hired QP must submit your building plan before going ahead with any renovations. After submission, approval may take up to a week.

4. Begin renovations:

After you gain approval for your building plans and designs, you can go ahead with your renovations. The QP will have to oversee the renovations throughout the entire process. 

5. Inspection:

Once you have completed the renovations, an appointment will be made for an inspector to check the site. The registered inspector will be sent to make sure everything is in order prior to the application submission.

If your renovations fail to comply with the regulations, changes will have to be made.

6. Submitting your application:

If the inspector is satisfied with your renovations, you can now go ahead with your FSC application. The inspector will provide you with the necessary forms, Form 1 and Annex A.

Based on the rules of the SCDF, your QP will have to submit the application for you, unless you are a professionally licensed engineer. After submission, it may take up to one week to gain approval.

Fire Safety in Singapore:

Check out this video by the SCDF to learn more about fire safety procedures in Singapore:

Seamless & Professional Consultancy

Engineers successfully completing their project after gaining a fire safety certificate in Singapore.

At BlueTec, our team of professional engineers are ready to assist you to gain FSC approval swiftly. Working with us will ensure that everything falls into place perfectly, allowing an easy journey from start to finish.

The team is well-equipped with the knowledge necessary to make sure all of the paperwork, plans, and renovations are on par with what’s expected. 

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