On average, around 4,000 hotel fires occur resulting in unnecessary fatalities and millions of dollars in damages. When it comes to inspecting a property’s fire safety features that could easily be overlooked. From heat detectors installation to a reliable sprinkler system and exit lights, every aspect of a fire safety system should be checked thoroughly and constantly to ensure casualties do not occur in the event of a fire. We’re here to list out crucial things to look out for when setting up and testing a fire safety system.

Test All Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are regarded as the most important component of a hotel’s safety system. The inhabitants are alerted to a potential threat and the need for evacuation as soon as an alarm rings.

Employees should test the fire alarm system on a regular basis, according to hotel management. The control panel can be used to test the majority of systems. Press the button once more to sound the sirens after switching your control panel to test mode, which disables the fire alarms. Keep track of the test results, noting how each activating device responded to the test. This information will aid a technician in swiftly identifying the issue if one or more alarms are malfunctioning.

Set Up An Emergency Plan

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, specific activities that employers and employees must take to guarantee their safety during fire crises should be covered in emergency action plans. These include showing visitors the closest exits and assisting anyone who is in danger of being trapped inside the structure. 

Management must make sure that all staff members are aware of the proper fire suppression techniques and escape routes for each hotel location. Each guest room needs to have a sign indicating the evacuation route displayed by the door.

Place Extinguishers Strategically

Hotels must have multipurpose extinguishers that can put out small flames made of wood, paper, oils, and gases and are designated class A, B, or C. OSHA regulations state that extinguishers must be positioned 75 feet apart throughout the whole facility. Extinguishers are not required in guestrooms, but they should always be within 75 feet of where a guest might access them in an emergency.

Make sure the weight or gauge restriction on your fire extinguishers is appropriate. This information is printed on the label that is attached to the extinguisher’s side. If your extinguishers are not functioning at the proper levels or after each use, replace or recharge them.

Set Reliable Fire Exits

It is crucial to maintain the hotel’s exit lights. Conditions can be hectic and confusing during a fire. Smoke can reduce visibility and make it challenging to manoeuvre around your surroundings. Exit signs that are illuminated increase the likelihood that individuals will be able to see where to go and leave the structure.

Exit signs are made so that when they run out of electricity, they may switch to emergency power. To maintain effective operation, the hotel administration must test these lit signs on a regular basis. To make sure the sign switches to the standby power supply properly, this frequently entails hitting the test button on the side of the sign.

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