In the last few decades, the role of an engineer has dramatically evolved. From consultant engineers to construction workers, each individual has a vital part to play in each team and project. 

Engineers are no longer just shadowy figures working behind the scenes – they have become one of the core necessities for multiple departments, businesses, and society at large. This rings true, especially for professional engineers in Singapore.

The work of an engineer is ingrained in every aspect of our lives, and we rely on them more than we think. It’s time to reimagine the role of the engineer within organisations in order to attract and retain top talent capable of solving issues, streamlining processes, and leading projects. 

Business executives should recognize that engineers are both business people and technologists. While it’s not commonly addressed, most people have yet to realise that a construction manager or an M&E consultant in Singapore has the same potential and knowledge as businessmen and entrepreneurs. Adopting this mindset will help businesses shift and create strategies to fuel success.

The Issue

Organisations should recognise and tap into the full potential of engineering teams, treating them as equal business partners and entrepreneurs. At the same time, construction engineers and consultants should speak out and take on a more strategic role in a team.

Even in recent years, more traditional business leaders still are of the opinion that their business can be successful by outsourcing engineering teams or exclusively using consultants. They will only do the work they are asked to do – sometimes even more – and once their job is over, they’ll leave until the next client calls them in. 

At least 35% of engineers reported difficulty collaborating or feeling like they were part of a team. There is a strong argument among some engineering teams that task-oriented approaches will not produce the best results. They should be made to play bigger roles in a project in order to produce the best results. T

Creating smaller groups and allowing more people to act as entrepreneurs is a great place to start and shows the potential for expanding engineers’ roles. Many companies are implementing new strategies like this to attract tech talent with this shift in engineer expectations and mindset. Traditional financial institutions, for example, are reorganising their tech teams to resemble lean startups. Who’s to say that the construction industry can’t learn from them?

It’s time to reframe construction engineers as strategic businessmen who are part of your project team.

Where Do We Go From Here?

What is the most effective way to bring your engineers along for the ride? 

It is necessary to first state the problem and then ask important questions to craft potential solutions. Education and collaboration are the keys to engagement across engineering, and this extends to all forms of teamwork as well. When your project’s engineers have a thorough understanding of the business, they will be more productive and engaged. With this knowledge and understanding, they can collaborate across departments to create the products and services that will help drive your organisation to success.

To break it down, engineers collaborate directly with those teams – they have to make a plethora of minor decisions as they construct systems and design strategies. With the right team integration, engineers can move faster, have more impact, and can bring creativity to the work because they have a thorough understanding of the business.

This concept of bringing people along for the ride is not limited to just engineers. As business leaders, you must ensure that all employees are expanding their business knowledge by working together. These opportunities to learn from one another will help them advance in their roles and grow professionally. Your engineers will gain a better understanding of other business areas, and other departments will value them more.

Encourage everyone in your organisation to take an entrepreneurial approach in order to maximise their purpose and potential. This will improve business results tremendously!

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