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What Is A P&FM License?

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If you’re storing or transporting petroleum and flammable material (P&FM), you will be required to obtain a P&FM licence. Such activities are considered dangerous and life-threatening by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). Therefore, you will need to apply and obtain approval for these activities, to ensure a safe workplace for your employees.   What Are […]

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What Are The BCA Submission Requirements?

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If you’re about to begin a brand-new development project, you should be aware of the requirements set by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) before commencing any work. For a Building Plan Submission, you must follow an extensive checklist that ensures everything is in order. After you have gone through the checklist thoroughly and submitted […]

What Is The Green Mark Certification Scheme?

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In this day and age, people are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of climate change and the factors that exacerbate it. Therefore, governments across the globe have taken the necessary steps to minimise the consequences. This is why, in 2005, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) introduced the Green Mark Scheme. The scheme is […]

How To Apply For ​​Minor Addition And Alteration Works?

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If you’re looking to make minor adjustments to the fire safety requirements of your development project, you’ll need to lodge a request under the Singapore Civil Defence Force’s (SCDF) fire safety guidelines. The requirements for submission set by the SCDF are somewhat lengthy, but we’re here to list out all of the necessary steps: 1. […]

Why Do You Need Fire Safety Managers?

A Fire Safety Manager looking through her work.

If you’ve recently developed a new premise, you should consider hiring a Fire Safety Manager (FSM). Fire Safety Managers are professionals who help you maintain a high level of standards when it comes to fire safety facilities within a building. They will ensure that everything is in place, working effectively, whilst educating tenants on the […]

What Can You Expect From M&E Consultancy Services?

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Many people do not realise that M&E consultancy (mechanical and electrical consultancy) is an umbrella term for a variety of fields. M&E engineers, which are represented by the Association of Consulting Engineers Singapore (ACES) in Singapore offer a wide range of skills that will ultimately help you with your building development. Read to learn more […]

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What Are The Singaporean Fire Safety Certificate Requirements?

Fire safety features through FSSD submission

A seemingly simple process, many buildings tend to overlook some of the crucial requirements before submitting their application for a Fire Safety Certificate in Singapore. To obtain a Fire Safety Certificate, or FSC for short, you must first comply with the requirements set by the Singaporean government. If you’d like to learn more, read on, […]